We’ve developed nearly 100 games for the market 2001 enter the game market of inside chips. 2003 combination with V-TAC Becoming Multimedia Development 1998 XiGu technology company set upDevote in producing game for PlayStation and DreamCast

LCD Game / Universal Remote Control / Calculator / Timepiece / Sport-Meter / Health Care Product
We design and provide best solution for electronic product in consumer market. MCU with 8/16/32 bit CPU which contain LCD controller and sensor interface strongly constructs all custom requirement.


Caller ID / Answering Machine / Commercial terminal
Telecommunication product majorly based on PSTN wired tele-transport technology. Mature speech and melody processing algorithm also be applied on these product.


Card reader / Thumb Driver/ U-disk / HUB / IDE / SATA
High Stability and low cost effectiveness solution we provide for USB connected storage device.


DPF / MP3 / TV Entertainment / PMP/Media Player
All video and audio technology can be applied to the products. With our variety of entertainment titles, product can be more attractive and be different.


Translator / Dictionary / RF Pen / Optical Learning Aid / Kids laptop / Interactive Toy
Based on powerful 8/16/32 bit MCU development experience and variety of video and audio processing algorithm, we can achieve customer’s idea in ELA and Toy products.


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